各位MikoPlace 的Fans 注意⚠:

各位MikoPlace 的Fans 注意⚠:

UPDATE 1/28/2019!!!!!

Special Arrangement for Shipment
Following the special work arrangement announced by the HK Government, Hongkong Post announced that post service will be temporarily suspended after the Lunar New Year holidays till Feb 2nd. However, we will maintain operation services as planned that our warehouse team will prepare and process the order after the Lunar New Year public holidays on Jan 30th, and thus you order will be shipped on Feb 3rd once HK post resumes services.

因應香港政府農曆新年公眾假期結束後特別工作安排,香港郵政服務將會暫停至2/2。原本郵政服務及MikoPlace 農曆新年公眾假期結束後於1/30開始陸續出貨。基於郵政服務之暫停,現改為2/3出貨。MikoPlace 倉務及客戶服務會如常於1月30日開始辨公及處理訂單,並2月3日郵政服務恢復後送出。

Dear All MikoPlace Fans

Important Notice for Shipment arrangement during Chinese New Year

1/22 23:59 G.M.T. - Orders Cut Off Time! All orders submitted by the cut off time will be shipped before Chinese New Year (CNY)Holiday

HK Post Office is closed from Jan 25th to 29th for the CNY public holidays. Due to this reason, orders shipped before CNY may have chance NOT get processed to arrange for departing flights to US.

Our Hong Kong warehouse team will be closed for the public CNY holiday and back in operation on 1/30. Thus all orders placed after the cut off time of “1/22 23:59 Pacific Time” will be arranged for shipment from 1/30.

Also, as many suppliers are taking longer holidays for celebrating Chinese New Year, we may not be able to refill the out of stock items around CNY time. Out of stock may appear more often around CNY time so please check out when in stock now.

To keep it short, shop now and don’t wait for later before good stuff runs out.

Very Very Important ‼: MikoPlace all staff wish all fans all the best in 2020! Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Last but not the least, our store manager has something to say from heart so badly: thanks everyone for your support in the past year. We know we are not perfect, we really appreciate all feedbacks and understanding. We did take notes in the last year and our team is committed to make improvements in 2020. We believe our hardworking is well paid off and you can feel our passion and care. We will “add oil” to server you better and better.


各位MikoPlace 的Fans 注意‼️:
1/22 23:59 美西時間- 截單!

不想錯過你喜愛的產品?趕快Check Out !
^1/22 23:59 G.M.T.

- 截單!
^但由於香港郵政 會於25日到29日休市。
所有截單(1/22 23:59G.M.T)後之訂單將會於1/30後陸續出貨。
^了這麼久,其實總結就是 ”要買趁手”
^MikoPlace 全體同仁祝MikoPlace Fans

21st Jan 2020

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